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3uTools for PC


3uTools for PC, Are you looking for a better app to restore and manage the iOS device? If so, you are in the right place. The 3uTools for PC is the best app for all your tasks. So throughout this article, I am going to tell you how the 3u are effective for you. This app is a Window-based app that paves the path to manage all your iPads, iPhones media, and many more.

What is this 3uTools for PC?

The 3uTools app is a simple way to manage the multimedia files, iOS app and ringtones, and some more. You will see the statuses of them on your iPhone or iPad which includes the battery, jailbreak activation, and even your iCloud lock status. So, you will get a clear vision of your device. Moreover, before you use this tool, there are some special rules like you will not be able to use 3uTools for PC bypassing your iCloud lock or carrier lock. The other important thing is that you should always check whether the USB port or the USB cable is working properly. If not you will make trouble. The iTunes is very essential before you use the 3u, if that is not installed, definitely you must install it.

What can you do with 3uTool for PC It is a prevalent question asked by many. So, there are some cool features in this app. let us see what are they.  Here, you can customize and create ringtones. In addition to that, you can also customize the wallpaper in 3u app.

Additional information about the 3uTools for PC

App name             3uTools

Platform                Microsoft Windows

Price                       Free

Developer             3u Team

The method to install the IPA files

Now open the 3uTools in your PC, thereafter connect the iPad or the iPhone to the PC. Click on the iDevice which is on the left side of 3u. And then tap on the Apps, there you will see a set of apps on your iPad or iPhone.

Tap on the Import and Install IPA or else drag down the IPA that you want from your PC into the 3uTools. The apps you selected will be displayed on the device and now you are ready to use.

The details provided by the information

Data-you can send the contacts and the notes with non jailbroken devices. And this is not available on the iOS 11 or anything higher than that as it is a different file. The disk shows the mobile data storage. With the information provided, you can also see the data users about the ringtones, photos, and music. And the other special thing you can do is, all the ringtones and photos can be backed up. The apps can be uninstalled or even imported.

Features of the 3uTools for PC

There are plenty of features offered by the 3u for PC. You can deactivate your device, clean the garbage and junk files off the device, turn your device into the recovery mode, deletes the data, and all the invalid icons. There are more accessibility options, and it can manage the app icons, top iOS updates, reboot device, real-time screen, and real-time log.

Furthermore, 3uTools for PC convert video files, restore and backup the device, convert audio files, create ringtones, edit audio tags, transfer all the data from one device to another device, convert HEIC files and compress images.

3uTools for PC

How to backup and restore with the help of the 3uTools for PC

As we mentioned above the 3uTools have a cool set of features. So this app helps you to back up your device up to the PC and it will restore all the data to the device. With a click, you can make a complete backup ready to restore when once you need it. At the same time, you can view all the backups, manage the backups, and also can set a specific password for the backups.

For that here are the steps you need.  Click on 3uTools and connect your iPad or iPhone to the PC. Then select the Backup or Restore option. After that set the user-defined backup to the PC and make a complete data backup. Then tap on the back up now and a certain copy of the data will be created. In the customized backup there is an option that decides what bit of the iOS system needs to back up. Therefore you can copy the iPhone contacts, your apps, your music, ringtones, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 3uTools

Some of the people have issues regarding the 3uTools. To clarify them, here we are with a set of remedies. As many asked whether this 3UTools app is free or not. The answer is, it is an entirely free app. You do not have to pay a single penny to use this. And you need to know how much space is needed for this app. At least 57.61 MB will be needed for your device.

By the way, if you do not have enough space to install this app. you can switch to another similar app called Softonic, which needs less space than 3uTool. And the other question frequently asked is about the safety of the operating system. You do not have to worry about the safety of the app, the developers of 3u have diagnosed well. So there will not be any virus or malware in your operating device. On the other hand, the developers have taken a great effort to ensure any virus and well tested.

The 3u for PC are compatible with any iPod, iPad and the devices must be iOS 4 to iOS 11. You will get a specific notification while downloading if the device is not compatible. Once you download it you will get access to lots of apps which include ringtones, wallpapers, themes, games, and proprietary programs which you will never find anywhere else. The app is legal to use.  With all this information we hope you got a clear idea about installing 3uTools for PC.