3uTools for Windows All bizarre truth you need to know!

3uTools for Windows

Are you fond of using free apps and free games? But when I say this, some might think that free apps might not work like the premiums. It is false. To check whether it is true or not just install the 3uTools for your Windows PC and see the results. By the way, this 3u app has become one of the preferred apps out of many. So why does that happen, it is because there are some special features in this.

And also for that to happen, there must be something which people love. So I am here to reveal all the facts regarding the 3U. Almost every app which has existed requires money, but these 3UTools for Windows do not charge any money. You are free to use it. So read the whole article very carefully and get a thorough knowledge of 3uTools for Windows PC.

3uTools for Windows

Features of 3uTools for Windows PC

Before downloading this app, you have to know all the features of the 3u app. Also, there are some unofficial apps and games here. When comparing other apps, these 3uTools has very special features. Music and Videos can be transferred to any Music App from this 3u app.  Moreover, to download any apps or games, you do not need an account.  Many people use these 3uTools for Windows. Furthermore, it is a user-friendly app. The most important thing is you can install this app for free on the Windows PC.

With time, you will get new updates, and through these updates, many novel features will be present. So month by month it is automatically getting updated. At first, you might feel the app is a bit complex, but with the time you will surely get used to the app.

How to download the 3u for the Windows PC

Now you know the amazing features of the 3uTools. So, this is the perfect time for you to download the app on your Windows PC. Let us start. Make sure not to miss any steps. If so, you will fail to install it correctly. Therefore read each line thoroughly. So before downloading, there are 2 steps that you can follow, one is through the web browser or else from our article.

All you have to do is launch to the download button and get the app installed. Then wait for a few minutes until the app gets installed. At the same time, you do not want to have extra storage to install this.  By double-clicking on the app list you can create a shortcut. It will be very easy for you. What more can you have from these 3uTools App on the Windows PC? You are also able to modify the audio clips. So here I am to tell you how to do that.

First, update your app and go to it. Then click on the Toolbox and after that the Audio Tags Editor. Drag out the Add Audios or click the audios which you need to modify. On the right side of the bar, you will see the edit album, artist, title and genre. So click the ones which match you and after you finish it click the save button. There is another option that you can change the location of the audio.

How can you clean the iPhone garbage using the 3uTools?

Having lots of garbage on your iPhone is trouble. And you will not be able to work properly because the phone will get slow.  If you are in the perception of improving your speed of the phone, then you have to follow this process. It will not even take much time. So here is a very simple method to wash away that. So, first of all, you have to make sure whether the 3uTolls is completely installed in your PC. And if it is, so let us start.

First and foremost, connect your iPhone to the Windows PC with the help of the USB cable. Then you have to click the ‘’Toolbox’’ and after that ‘’Garbage Cleaner’’. Then a list of items will be displayed, from there you have to select which items are to be cleaned. Then select what you need and ‘’Clean’’. Then after that simple process, you have to wait for some time until the phone gets a reboot.

By installing these 3uTools in your Windows PC, your PC will not work lazily. You will see a huge difference. Because the PC will work faster and several options can be used. Apart from that, you do not want to ask any help from others to edit any of your contents, due to all the tools you need are present here. So we hope that you will have a wonderful time with these 3uTools on your Windows PC.