3uTools V2.50 (2020-07-29)

3uTools V2.50

3uTools V2.50 (2020-07-29)

3uTools has launched the new update named 3uTools V2.50. This is truly amazing. You will be amazed once you get to use this new update. When considering the speed and all sorts of things the 3u had in the previous update, this is comparatively richer than before. Let us find out what are the new features present in this newly made update. We are pretty sure that you are excited to know about this.

Well, let us begin. As per every update, this is also relevant and has fixed quite a number of bugs. Meanwhile, the iOS 14 adaptation is entirely supported here. After you install this update, you will feel a sense of comfort rather than the previous updates. There is more to describe this simple update. At first, you might think that this is only a simple thing, but only you will get to know the true value after you use it thoroughly.

More features of the 3uTools V2.50 (2020-07-29)

During the restoration process, the Social App Backup aids the installation of social; software. At the same time, when you are taking the help of the Virtual location, you are free to use the notebooks. When telling all these features will definitely be curious to know more about this update. With a one-click jailbreak is added. More than 1 million people have already downloaded the 3u, this gives us a clear idea that 3u is one of the best apps when compared with the rest of the apps.

To wind up about the 3uTools V2.50

It is a promising fact that your device will be smarter than before once you are working with the 3uTools. To sum up the features of the 3uTools V2.50, the developers have added a tool named IPA Signature, this feature will help you to check the relevant signature of the iOS apps and Mac. More than that to be more advanced in the detection function the 3u developers have added the most effective genuine parts. You can be pleased with every feature this new update offers. We are sure that you will gain amazing results by using this 3u new update.

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