AirDrop between Future iPhones may use lasers to transmit large files quickly

AirDrop between Future iPhones

AirDrop between Future iPhones

Do you know that the Apple company is in search of an optical communication system which is wireless? It should target automatically to clearly line up the laser lines with the aid of a sensor by excellent transfer speed. So when comparing the Mobile devices and the Optical devices there is a great difference.

Let me tell you about that first. The mobile devices use a number of ways to send contacts and files between the devices with the help of the current operating systems such as Wi-Fi, radio-based technology and Bluetooth. The Optical devices have great speed when compared to the radio. Unfortunately, they are not used in new products such as the iPhone 11. Anyhow the infrared-based transmissions were used before the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and many issues raised for the use of the optical systems.

Even the devices should be kept closed together and the sensors and the emitters must be lined. With the help of the laser, Apple improves the security by limiting the directions of the broadcast in the light emitter into a narrow field. Meanwhile, the communications should be between the devices with a certain directional range. The output of the laser must out through the lens which will move and alter the direction.

Some more details

To help the lens system to line the laser perfectly, the relevant system will receive a sensor which will have many photosensitive segments. Anyhow each will be broken into multiple elements. But the system needs to launch to the centre of the sensor area, there is a chance of getting hit on the border among the multiple elements.

The receiving sensor senses the launching of the laser. After determining the place of the laser, the receiving device will send back the communication directly to the transmitting device in the deviation. The lens will move on to make it correct.

When the laser is shifted to the correct place, a message will be sent advising about the lens. It will say that the lens will cease. The patent makes its inventors as Tong Chen and Omid Monahan. Both of them appear as the connected patent for ‘’ Device awareness on the line-of-sight in optical communication system’’ from the end of the year in 2019.  The filing suggests having use of ‘’ discovery handshake protocol’’ to identify and find the devices through the help of light, before going to the high bandwidth communication system.

Let us see what more there is to search on this

Many new patent applications are filed by Apple weekly. By the way, the patent will have interest areas for the research and development area of Apple’s effort.  Still, there is no certainty whether it will arise in the future or not on a service or product.  It could be with the Apple Car, which has been rumoured along the past few months.  This system would help the inter-vehicle communications that allow the self-driving cars to offer upcoming manoeuvres and alerts on the specific road conditions.

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