Apple has confirmed that FaceTime’s eye contact correction feature


Apple has confirmed that FaceTime’s

FaceTime’s eye contact correction was confirmed by Apple, it was initially seen in the versions of iOS 13. So, now it is back on iOS 14. Wow! It is truly surprising. That was first tested on the iOS 13 beta before the final release. It uses advanced image manipulation techniques and augmented reality to feel like FaceTime is making some eye contact or else directly looking at the front camera when they are actually viewing the screen of the iPhone.

Anyhow it did not work with the iOS 13 but will definitely include in the iOS 14.  Therefore in the features of the iOS 14, there comes a new feature called the Eye Contact. However, this was featured as Attention Correction in the iOS 13 beta.

More features about the iOS 14

So this iOS 14 gives you a new impression on your life. Everything will be easier than before. Moreover, the apps you have already used will become more flexible, personal, intelligent, and private. There is also another important thing that the widgets are redesigned, that at a glance you will get to see more information. At the same time, you are also able to add it to your Home Screen. Therefore now you can arrange them anyway.

Some minor information about the iOS 14

When considering the Apps in iOS 14, the apps are really easy to navigate.  The apps are also categorized by the way you use them. The most used apps will be in a new category.  In addition to that all the calls from your FaceTime, iPhone, and the other third-party apps will not take the full screen. So that will be very easy for you to do the other works you are engaged in.  Fortunately, you can keep watching videos while you are using another app as well. How Nice!

There is a lot to know about the Messages of iOS 14

In here, there are many ways that you can stay connected with the messages. Always you can keep track on the group messages and personal messages as well. By the way, all the messages are secured. The messages of the iOS 14 can also be pinned. But only up to 9 messages can be pinned. Once you pin the messages they will be at the top of the list. Another fantastic thing is there in the iOS 14, that is you have emoji with more than 20 hairstyles. Isn’t that interesting? By sending these different kinds of emojis will truly represent your personality as well.

Let us see about the Maps in iOS 14

You are free to navigate anywhere with the help of the maps in iOS 14.  It also protects your privacy as well. With that, you can discover many places without any hesitation. The map in the iOS 14 does not only show you the vehicle paths, but it also shows you the cycling paths as well.

There are many new things that you acquire, for example, busy streets, steep passages, elevation, and many others.  You do not have to worry about the directions they give, they are completely trusted. So eventually you will get the best experience by using the iOS 14. Discover the new experience.

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