How to Back up and Restore Your iPhone Data Using 3uTools

Backup of 3uTools

How to backup and restore on 3uTools?

3u can backup any data from your device. But although it does so, still there are some e


exceptions which cannot be backed up.  So these following exceptions are the contents in the App Store and iTunes store, data that is synced from the photos, books, video, CD, and MP3. And also the photos which are saved as iCloud Photo Album and My Photo Stream, the setting of the Touch ID are the things that cannot be backed up.

Backup of 3u

So now I am going to tell you how to back up using the 3uTools. First, the PC must be connected with the iDevice, there you have to find the Backup. A complete backup will be done by this. Step number 2 is, you have to wait for some time until the backup gets completed. If there is more data, some time will be consumed, therefore have patience until the operation is completed.

Restore of the 3uTools

Now the backup is over, it is the time to restore. This allows you to restore the settings and the data you backed up. If you have given a certain password, you cannot do it without it.  And the other thing is once you restore the data, the data size must not exceed the storage of the iDevice.

This is the method of how to restore your device. Connect the device to the PC and tap on the Backup and select the Restore.  It will take time if there is more data to be restored. If you have backed up several times, select which you need to restore at the current moment. Do not unplug your device as soon as the restore is finished. Because the device needs to reboot and select whether you need to do the relevant apps.

When compared to the other apps, 3u has the best features from the Backup. And this is the best app for all the iDevices to restore and backup all the data. Therefore use 3u to get the best features.

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