How to set ringtone for your Iphone using 3utools?

How to Make Your Own Ringtones for your iOS Device

How to make your own ringtones for your iOS Devices?

The app ‘’3uTools’’ offers you the best benefits for your iDevices. With time, you will realize that you will need the 3u every time to solve all your problems.  We all love songs, don’t we? Yes, it is true, and we have downloaded several songs on our mobile phones. And don’t you love to set one of your favorite songs from the list as your ringtone? Now I will give you the steps to do the following activity.

The first step to set the ringtone in your iDevice is, you have to connect the iDevice to your PC. After that tap on the Ringtones, and on the right side there is a download icon, press on it. With that process, you can take the ringtone to your iPhone. Some people want to customize the songs. So for that, there is another process. The feature of customizing ringtones is available on 3u.

Customizing ringtones makes a certain ringtone unique when compared with others. Isn’t it amazing to see that these kinds of adjustments are present! All you have to do is tap on the Toolbox and make the ringtone. Once the process is completed you can select the ringtones. Then you have it choose the preferred ringtone and select the ‘’Import to Device’’ in here you have to wait a few moments until the work is finished.

The step number 3 is to tap on the settings, after that select the Sounds and Haptics and finally the ringtone. Now you are free to select a ringtone you like.  By customizing a ringtone, you will be the cynosure among a group- if only you put the ringtone loud. When we analyze the other apps, the 3u gives you the best out of the rest. Because no other app like 3u will provide you all the features needed for your iPhone.

We never even thought of customizing ringtones, until 3uTools came into existence and change our lives.  To check whether all these facts provided are true or not, install the 3u and enjoy the benefits!

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