How to use the screen time Using 3utools?


How to use the screen time

Yes, today I am going to tell you how to use the screen time on 3u. Most probably you all have the problem of forgetting the Screen time passcode. And you cannot work as previously once you forget it. But if you use the 3u, that will not be an issue. You are lucky if you are using 3u. So to get the passcode back you must back up its which is encrypted in the iDevice.

After that, 3uTools will track the passcode of the screen. Actually the 3u is very useful. Anyhow, once the backup begins there will be a slight difference between the devices of iOS 7-11 and the iOS 11. Therefore you will have to set the passcode to back up the devices later to the iOS 11. But that is not needed to the iOS 7 and iOS 11.

Steps to crack the screen passcode

So to begin with you must connect the laptop or the PC to back up the device. By the way a backup passcode is not necessary to the iOS 7 and the iOS 11. Then when you have backup the device, you have to go to the ‘’ Toolbox’’ and next to the ‘’Screen Time’’. There you must select the backup. The third step is to tap on the ‘’Start to crack the passcode’’. Once you do that you must wait a few seconds until the screen time passcode to display. Once you finish these small tasks, you are required to enter a certain passcode, this happens usually if you only have set a passcode before.

Devices use later than the iOS 11

Now, if the device you are using is later than the iOS 11, then you must follow these steps. Here also you must connect the device to the laptop or the PC. And then you are required to set the backup passcode. Thereafter you must backup the device by using the 3uTools. When you are setting the backup passcode you must note it down, unless you will forget it. Another thing is once it comes to crack the system will ask you to crack down the screen time passcode.

Then you have already finished the backup. After that, you must go to the Toolbox and then the screen time. So there you must select the backup. Tap to start the crack the passcode.3u app will ask you for the backup passcode on the following comment. Now only you can enter the passcode and click on the OK button. After that, you will have to spend a couple of minutes until the passcode verification finishes. Eventually, the screen time passcode will appear on the screen.

Devices use later than the iOS 10 / 09

Well, now you know how to get your screen time passcode back with the help of the 3u. It is not a difficult thing once you engage with the 3uTool app. your device will be a smart device once you get to work with the 3u. Likewise, you are also offered with many other features that will make your mind blow out. Unlike the other days, you do not want to run to a technician for all the issues that arise in your device. You are able to recognize everything in the 3u app.

Let us see how these wonderful results work with the help of 3u. Moreover, much space is not required to download 3u in your device. The work you are engaging will be of less trouble with the use of 3u. I hope you would enjoy3u app.

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