iTunes Flash is available on 3uTools Now!

iTunes Flash is available on 3uTools Now!

Yes, this is one of the main interesting things that you are going to hear about. Let us see what it is.  Have you heard about the upcoming news o he availability of the iTunes Flash on 3uTools? Some of you might have heard or some may not. Now let us discuss the 3 modes of iTunes. The 3 modes are the Quick Flash mode, the retain user’s mode, and the Anti recovery flash. Now let us get into these in detail.

Well, now let us see about the first one. Quick Flash Mode is very useful for ordinary users, sales clerks, and staff to achieve the targets. At the same time, it updates the iOS version very clearly. While having these things in common, you can also clear all the user data. He iOS version can also be repaired.

Here, all the apps you have will be preserved. When considering the third mode, it is the so-called anti recovery flash.  This is a special mode because this is made for the people who need to sell their devices by destroying all the private data. The iDevice must also be formatted, anyhow it will take a few hours because the flashing speed is slow.

Steps for the quick Flash mode

To begin with this, first, you must install the latest version of the 3uTools. Then you must connect your iDevice with the use of a USB cable. Then you must go to the Flash and JB, after the next to the iTunes and flash. After some time, it will automatically match the after you do this, you must select the iOS version which you need to flash. Now select the version of the Quick Flash Mode. Then the iTunes flash will give a reminder.

Once you finish reading it, click on the flash. But if you have already downloaded the firmware, you are able to click the Import and click the Flash. Thirdly, the flash will automatically work. At this moment, you must not unplug the USB cable. Anyhow, when the device is on, click on the Pro Flash- Activate the device. But you can also turn it on manually.

Steps for the Retain User’s Date

First, you must download the latest version of the 3uTools. Connect your device with a USB cable, then go to the Flash JB and iTunes Flash.  Select the version you need and tap on the Retain user’s data. Then click on the flash. At this time, you must not unplug the USB as the flash is automatically working.

Steps for the Anti Recovery Flash

Here also you must download the latest version of the 3uTools. So, then connect the USB for the device. And there also connect go to the Flash JB and then the iTunes flash. Thereafter the connection will match and connect.  The second step is to select the iOS version and then tap onto the Anti Recovery flash. Thereafter click the Flash.

Anyhow if you have the firmware in your device, then click the import and click on the Flash. Again, the flash will connect automatically. So, until then you must not unplug the USB. You must keep in mind that the Anti Recovery Flash takes some time to connect. When the flash is completed, the device will connect.  Eventually when the iDevice is on you must click the Pro Flash- Activate iDevice. But also, you have the ability to activate it manually as well. These are the 3 types you can use. I hope that you got a clear understanding of this.

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